Born Again vs. Being Spiritual

In 1 Corinthians 3 Paul says he cannot talk to the Corinthians as spiritual men, even though he calls them brothers. Instead he is speaking to them as unspiritual men. Apparently you can be saved without being spiritual. How?

When you were born, you were given the same life that you possess today. You had all of your natural talents and your personality. But you weren’t playing basketball, doing accounting, writing stories, or singing songs. Why? All that was within you, but you had to grow and mature for those to be manifested and expressed.

In the same way, every believer has the life of God within him, the same life that brings victory over sin, heals sickness and disease, and raises the dead. But why don’t we see it? It is because we are as infants, still drinking milk, when we should be eating meat to grow. To become spiritual, we must grow in the knowledge and spirit of Christ. As we grow and mature, that life that we already have will be given a more full and free expression in our lives.

You may be born again, but are you growing up into the fullness of your new life?

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