Basic Principles: No Spiritual Lottery

Many people live their lives on spiritual lottery tickets, hoping to luck out with God. Like trying to win the lottery, this is ineffective and expensive. For example:

* Many people live their lives unaware of the forces at work within them, pulling them in one direction or another. And many people live their lives resisting the pull instead of removing it at the root. This is as fruitless as gambling, like hoping that God will pull your name out of a hat and work some magic. Until you pull the root, you will continue to fight the same things over and over again.

* The same is true for prayer. Some things we should pray about, while other things we just need to repent of and move on. I used to pray a lot for God’s presence, peace, and blessings, but I felt like I never got very far. I began to repent of sin and change some of the ways I think. For example, when I repented of being critical of other people, God started blessing me with peace, because that’s what His Word promises. Praying that God would overturn a principle of blessing and cursing that He has laid out in His Word is, once again, like trying to win the spiritual lottery–expensive and ineffective.

Your spiritual heroes were ordinary men and women who chose to align themselves with God. No lottery, no magic wand–just saying yes to God.

Update: Edited for clarity.

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