Basic Principles: Identity

If I can add one more basic principle that rocks the world of a young believer, it’s learning to live out of your identity.

We are constantly bombarded by things that seem to be evidence against our identity. We don’t always feel like God’s children. We don’t always feel loved or accepted or valued. Because of that, it’s easy to assume we’re not. I remember what those days were like.

How did it change for me? It started with Psalm 103:11, “For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is His faithful love toward those who fear Him.” For some reason, that was a verse I was able to grab ahold of. I began meditating it, and I began to force my way of thinking to come under that truth. I didn’t feel loved, but I force-fed my mind from Scripture, even when my feelings and experience wanted to speak the opposite. As I did that, I began to experience the love of God in a brand new way.

I still have moments when I don’t feel my Father’s pleasure, and each time, I must choose to confront that feeling with what I know to be true.

You see, if I would wait to believe God’s love until I see it, I might never get to experience it. But believe me, I get hit by it day after day.

There’s much more to your identity than just being a child of God, but that’s for you to explore. The important thing to remember is that the Word of God must trump your current way of thinking. The Word of God is the ultimate authority, and if you’re willing to embrace what God says about you, He will blow you out of the water.

At least it did me. God is just incredibly good and incredibly amazing!

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