The Time in Between

I don’t know where you all are in your journey of life, but I love where I am right now. Despite my enjoyment, however, I have a huge hunger and anticipation for where I’m going to be, and every glimpse of what could be my future just blows me away.

So how should I deal with this hunger? Here’s how it works. For every promise of God, there is a time “in between”. It’s the time when we learn how to walk blind, throwing ourselves completely on Him. Hebrews 11:1 says, “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” The unfulfilled promises that God has given you are true and real. Their fulfillment will not make them any more real or true; they will only make them visible. However, the challenge is to walk as if those promises are true, even though all evidence seems contrary.

You see, the worst thing you can do is to take the fulfillment of those promises into your own hands, as Abraham did. It will result in a work of the flesh that will ultimately burn and disappear.

This is a message that I’ve heard before, but it takes on new meaning whenever God starts moving us on to even bigger visions and even bigger promises.

What are those promises in your life? Are you keeping them alive by continually throwing yourself on the faithfulness of God? You have a choice–will you become incapacitated by the immensity of the unsolved problem, or will you allow yourself to be be overwhelmed by the majesty, power, glory, and goodness of our God?


  1. Thanks. I needed to hear this.

  2. dude, this is good stuff. you make me think, it’s a good thing.

  3. Matthias: keep feeding the fire of the Spirit with your life. It’s worth every piece of energy, every glimmer of light, every drop of self. Grace and Peace, Rich

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