The Christian Experience

You know those people who are always looking for an “experience” in their Christian walk? I was reading Philippians 2 recently, where Paul tells us to have the attitude of Christ–that is, He humbled Himself to the greatest degree, giving even His life to save the scum of the earth. I thought to myself, “That’s what we should tell them to do if they want an experience!”

Now, I’d meant that to be ironic, but this week God has been impressing it upon me as true. You will only manifest as much of the spirit as you are dead. The greatest Christian leaders of history were dealt with very severely by the Holy Spirit. They came to realize this life is not their own.

The only road to resurrection life is by passing through death. One of the reasons we have powerless Christianity is because we haven’t died.

The answer? Just pray for God to start laying His finger on things in your life. As you die to your self and surrender yourself to Him, the glory and power will glow from your life in greater measure.

Will you dare? Does Christ mean more to you than all the world and all you own?


  1. “One of the reasons we have powerless Christianity is because we haven’t died.”

    I couldn’t agree more. Thanks for the challenging questions.

  2. Good, painful words. Somewhat unformulated thoughts, but isn’t the death you’re talking about really simply saying “Yes” to the life Christ offers us? Perhaps it doesn’t always feel like death, just like real life doesn’t always feel like it at the time. Somehow that puts the right perspective on it — it’s not that we try to figure out how to die, but we look to align ourselves with Christ and His ways. Then death happens. And life comes.

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