Honor: Tombstones or Treasure Chests?

Remember what I said about tombstones and treasure chests? There’s another important aspect, not merely about who we are, but how we view others.

I get to live around some people who are like treasure chests. In fact, some of them even seem a little dull and boring on the outside, but God has placed within them incredible treasures that you only get to see when you get up close and start to dig. And I so love that!

But those treasures are not always well visible in people, and that’s where we stumble upon the whole issue of honor.

Many times when we’re faced with conflict, irresponsibility, immaturity, or even sin, it’s so easy to look at people and only see dead bones, but the heart of God is to reveal the treasures that He has placed in each person’s heart. When we confront people, it is all about valuing what God has placed within them and honoring the life of Christ within them.

I have often been the recipient of that kind of attitude. I have become increasingly aware of my own humanity, and many times, I have been broken by this kind of grace. It’s what makes a community a safe place to be, and I love it and I want it. By the power of God, I want new eyes to live this way!

For Christ, who alone is worthy.

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