Your Platform Is Here

Today I remembered a prayer I prayed several months ago, recognizing that my current place in life was my platform for ministry. Many times we wait to minister until we feel we have a platform, but your platform is here.

If you are in the workplace, that is your platform. If you are in ministry, that is your platform. Your marriage is your platform; your singleness is your platform. Your role as a leader is a platform; your role as a follower is a platform. Your wealth isĀ  your platform, as is your lack of provision. Your current relationships are your platform. The list goes on. No matter what aspect of your life journey you look at, it is part of your platform. God has you where you are for a purpose.

You should be actively looking for your platform, only make sure you start first by looking right where you are, because God put you there for a purpose.

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