Unraveling the Will of God

Our concept and theology of the will of God is a subject that I have pondered quite a bit the past several months, but I haven’t been sure I can do justice to it. In short, I feel like I have a very distorted view of what God desires. I am in the process of unraveling the lies that have held me captive, and sometimes I feel like I am stumbling blind, but I feel that the exercise of expressing my thoughts will perhaps bring clarity. I guess this might turn into another series, or it might not. But I plan to address it from differing angles, rather than in some sequential, logical order.

But enough introduction.

For much of my life, I have believed in a cross that crucifies more than the sinful man. This leads me to doubt passages like Proverbs 11:23 NASB:

“The desire of the righteous is only good….”

It is good to live a life surrendered to God. But it is also good to take God at His Word. Somehow in life, I’ve managed to believe that if I want it, it’s probably not good for me. After all, we can see the emptiness of those who do get everything they want, right? And if we got what we wanted, we’d probably be spoiled!

As ugly as it sounds, it really comes down to a spiritual self-hatred. We don’t value ourselves enough to accept good things or to believe that dreams and success belong to us.

But it’s also in defiance to God. It was God who made us and not we ourselves, and we are the workmanship of Christ created for good works. When we resist the pulls that God had placed in or heart, we are resisting one of the major ways God has for leading us. Did not God place desires within me as a part of equipping me for that work?

Finally, it’s a denial of the reality of Christ in me and my union  with him, that He actually lives in me and that we are one in spirit and that I have the mind of Christ. If Christ desires it, who am I to shut down His desires?

That’s where that verse comes in. It’s scandalous in its optimistic freedom. Can I really believe  that what God says is true?

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