Faith Builds Faith, Dreams Build Dreams

God has a unique way with our journeys of faith. It seems the bigger the pressure and longer the wait, the bigger the payoff. When He fulfills on His promise, it’s like all that pressure is released in an explosion of faith. We realize what God can do, and we start looking for the next thing God wants to do.

I don’t know what it is for you, but for me, it was my book. I don’t why God allowed me the privilege of having a book published, but I hear Him saying through it all, “See, I can do this. Do you also think the next step is too hard for Me?”

God brings little dreams to pass, first of all as tangible reminders that He loves us, and second of all to build faith for the bigger dreams.

And who knows, maybe ordinary people can be used to change the world?


  1. Is your book actually ready to buy? Where do we get it?

  2. I like it and just want to bless you out man, God is doing a work in you and wants to use you

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