Getting Ready for the Next Step

I wonder sometimes if we’re confused about the details of God’s will because we haven’t figured out its generalities.

For example, we men are called to leadership. Until I recognize that, why should I expect God to reveal a place in which to lead? God put me here for a reason.

For example, if you’re looking for direction, here may be good places to start:

* In the places where God has placed yourself under authority, make sure you’re on board in honoring and respecting your authority.

* In the places where God has placed you in authority, lead out.

Of course, maybe there are other things God wants to teach you that He’s waiting on for the next step. Maybe He wants you to learn how to love God, or maybe your neighbor.

My opinion? You will get your specific calling as you work out the general things of the will of God In your current situation.

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