The Prophet: Joined in Spirit

Many of us have been taught that our feelings originate within ourselves in response to certain circumstances and situations, and while that’s true, it’s incomplete. It overlooks one major fact: we are spiritual beings.

I don’t know when I first recognized this, but I know God has been taking me on a long journey to teach me this. Two years ago, I was reading a book called The Prophets by Abraham F. Heschel (a bit of a scholarly volume but interesting nonetheless). In response to the book, I wrote in a letter:

I keep learning and forgetting how many of my feelings are spiritual. It seems to go against so much that I’ve been taught, until you realize that the Spirit of God dwells within us. When the Spirit of God weeps, we share the tears. When the spirits of darkness rise up against the Spirit of God, they rise up against us. And such.

I’ve spent the past two years learning and forgetting this, although I think I’m beginning to remember more often than I forget!

Here’s the deal.

When we put our faith in Christ, our spirit is joined to the spirit of God. As babes in Christ, our sensitivity is dulled by sin that has not been dealt with, but that does not change the ultimate reality of our connection. As we mature,we grow in sensitivity to the spirit of God.

While this connection is true for every believer, it is particularly strong for the prophet. If the spirit of God rejoices over someone, the prophet will rejoice. If the spirit of God weeps over a city, the prophet will be heartbroken over the sin. The prophet’s emotions can be as vast as God’s heart for the world.

Jesus died so that we could be connected with God. But for the prophet, it doesn’t just mean understanding and relating and getting to know the heart of God. It means experiencing the heart of God. The prophet has a special spiritual sensitivity, and because of that, has one of the most difficult gifts to manage. But as he matures in his gifting, he becomes a powerful force in relating God’s heart for the sake of God’s kingdom.

There’s more to add…tomorrow!

PS: Once again, practicality wins over politically correctness. Just because I am talking about the prophet doesn’t mean I’m excluding the prophetess. 🙂

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