Robbed of Intimacy

Several years ago, I wrote a quote in my journal that read something like this, “Your greatest challenge will be to maintain intimacy with Christ.”

You see, as soon as you are recognized as someone who walks with God, desires to advance the kingdom, and seeks to serve the people around you, your time and energy will be in demand. You need to fight to protect your relationship with God, because most likely, nobody else will.

The easy thing is to start believing that life is about ministry.

  • “God, speak to me, because I need something for my next sermon.”
  • “God, give me strength to do reach out to this person, because I am weary.”
  • “God, give me clear direction on which road to take, because I’m busy doing your work, and I don’t have time to listen to your heart.”

If you follow this road, you will find yourself sucked into relationships that are draining, and you’ll find yourself doing things you were never called to do. Over the past several months, God has kept haunting me with this thought, “No matter how busy you are doing my work, if you don’t have time for me, you’re not serving me.”

It can look good on the outside, but if we don’t maintain that relationship with God, it is nothing but hay and stubble.

The greater the work, the greater the demand on our relationship with Christ, and the more we need to feed on His Word to sustain us.

Don’t let ministry rob you of intimacy.

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  1. FavoringCurry

    Good words. In the past year or so, I heard an older, godly man say that he found this sometimes becomes even harder as you grow older. Your responsibility grows, but so does your capacity to handle that responsibility — sometimes it takes more effort in mid/older years to maintain that intimacy. “O Christ, He is the fountain, that deep, sweet well of love.”

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