Buzz-Free Ministry

I was talking with a friend of mine recently, describing something I had recently observed in my life. When I shared it with him, he told me, “That’s exactly what I’ve been experiencing the past several weeks.” Our conversation prompted me to share some of those thoughts.

In the past, when I saw God working through my life to touch someone else, I often left with a feeling of excitement for what God had done. However, I recently went through a season where that excitement was noticeably absent. I couldn’t really tell that there was anything wrong in my relationship with God, and it was very clear that God was still working through me. However, I wasn’t getting the same “buzz” out of ministry.

To be honest, I’m not quite sure that the “buzz” is back, nor am I completely sure that I want it back. I’m finding that something else is creeping back in it’s place, which is a deeper rest, fulfillment, and contentment in simple obedience.

While I don’t understand everything that’s going on, there are a few things I’ve observed:

  • The works of God are normal to life in the spirit. While we should never lose the wonder of the God we serve, I do believe our flesh is sometimes over-enamored by the works of God. (And little wonder, because no matter how much the flesh tries to imitate life in the spirit, it always comes up short!) My hope is that my flesh is a little less alive, and that I’m settling deeper into a God-centered lifestyle where God defines what is normal.
  • I am a recovering adrenaline addict, and it’s easy for me to let excitement drive me. My hope is that this season is part of God’s answer to my desire to break out of my drivenness and adrenaline-based lifestyle into a lifestyle that is no less dynamic but that is ruled by contentment, faithfulness, and obedience.
  • The more we glamorize the vessel, the less we value what’s within. My hope is that this is part of God’s way of allowing me to be merely a vessel and to allow Him to thoroughly connect with the people with whom I interact.
  • More than anything else, this has reminded me that though ministry is great, an intimate relationship with God is where it’s at. Many will tell Jesus that they prophesied in His name and cast out demons in His name, but He will have to turn them away because He never knew them. His name is powerful, and we can do many things in His name, but only those who know Him will be saved.

This thought seems somewhat raw and unprocessed, and I feel like I have only taken a few baby steps in a journey that God wants to take me on. However, I wanted to leave it with you, first of all as a testimony of God’s work in my own life, and second of all as a challenge and blessing to you all, that you might find place of deep rest in serving our great God!


  1. Oh hallelujah!… Deep calling to deep… further up and further in… Thanks so much for this.

  2. Good words.

  3. Buzz-free “progress” would be a similar concept.

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