A Yes-Centered Life (part 2)

Yesterday I talked about the difference between a yes-centered life and a no-centered life. Today I’m going to talk about how it hits home for me. You see, this perspective not only affects how you live, but it also affects what you hear.

I have this filter running in the back of my mind that hears “no” when I should be hearing “yes.”

God asks me to give up something. I hear “no more of what you want” when God’s heart for me is truly, “This is a ‘yes’ to you growing deeper in relationship with me.” Or, “This is a ‘yes’ to greater blessings that time will reveal.”

God closes a door. All I hear is the “no” when God’s heart for me is truly, “I’ve got another door that’s better. Trust me.” What God wants me to hear is the “bigger yes”.

And it’s not just God. It’s also people. Somebody offers a word of correction. All I hear is the “no” to my existing idea or the way I had always done things, when what I should hear is a “yes” to a better idea or better way of life.

My hope?

Jesus healed the ears of the deaf on the earth.

Maybe he’ll heal mine, too.

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