May, 2011

May 11

Why We Wish for Persecution

Every once in a while, I hear people who wish for persecution so that the church would grow. Meanwhile, the persecuted church tells us not to pray that.

Why do we think persecution is required for the church to grow?

Could it be…

Could it be that we’ve set the bar so low for ourselves that it takes persecution for us to look seriously at Scripture?

Could it be that we’re so unmotivated that it takes the heat of persecution to propel us into action?

Could it be that we’re so self-sufficient that it takes the perils of persecution to drive us to a deep faith in God?

What if…

What if we got new eyes for Scripture? What if we prayed that God would take our filters off and that we would get a new, clearer perspective of the Word of God?

What if we were self-motivated? What if our hunger and desire for God and His kingdom would propel us to surrender everything–our time, our house, our lifestyle, our money, our comfort–for the sake of advancing the kingdom of God?

What if we were so committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ that we would be willing to take holy risks that would require God to step in and move?

Or is the kingdom of God worth so little to us that we are willing to sacrifice it for the sake of our own personal kingdom?

Yes, I know the weight of those words. I know that I don’t really believe them until I’m living them out. I’m not, but I must, and by the grace of God, I will!