Managing Your Gift: Trust the Process

At the risk of repeat myself too much, this is a series to remind you that your problem is not your lack of gifting. Your problem is knowing how to manage your gifting.

When you get a vision, many times here’s what happens:

  • You get a vision.
  • You live and breathe the vision.
  • You get impatient.
  • You quit working because the vision seems unattainable.
  • The vision dies.

The trouble is, many times the vision is coming when it looks the least like it. There’s a very simple principle in business: you can trust the process. If you follow the process, it will carry you to success. If you deviate from the process, it will bring you ruin. Rather than relying merely on grandiose visions of success, allow the process to carry you there.

In fact, the basic philosophy behind my To Do Lists was to reward forward progress more than completion. Completion is obviously important. However, if you stay on track, enough correct forward progress will result in completion.

What does this mean for your gift?

It’s called the ball of yarn.

It’s called getting confused.

It means pressing on. It means finding ways to use your gifts. It means discovering new ways to sneak into your sweet spot.

You might not know how to land your dream job, but you can trust the process. (And you might never find it, but you might be able to make it.)

Continue to grow. Continue to learn. Continue to develop. Continue to seek God.

As you do that, the process will carry you to those things that bring you the greatest sense of fulfillment.

It’s the secret of navigating uncharted waters. You don’t know what the seas may hold, but you make continual decisions that allow you to move forward, eventually bringing you to your destination. When you do that, risk suddenly seems less risky.

What are you going to do with the gifts that you have been given?

It’s time for you to start the journey, so go ahead and start it, and enjoy what you have been given!


  1. Hey I appreciate your series on this. (And I read all your posts, even though I don’t comment very often.) It’s so important! This afternoon I spent about 2 hours starting the course. It’s been really good so far, I’ve only done the first part and haven’t completed it yet but have found it helpful and had to think it was along the same lines of what you’ve been writing… anyway, I might comment more later when I’m finished with it…

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