Managing Your Gift: Your Greatest Assets

This will be short.

Let me list two of your greatest assets:

1. Your personal finances

2. Your free time

Two common mistakes are:

1. “Can” is not “should”. This is why many people are in debt or nearly broke. If you understood the potential of your personal finances, you would change your spending habits, because your personal finances are one of your greatest assets.

2. Amusement literally means “without thought”. This is different from true rest, which we need. You must pick. For example, you can choose whether to memorize the ins and outs of Farmville or to master a guitar riff. You can acquaint yourself with a novel, or you can invest that same energy in learning something meaningful about something you really care about. Both can be considered relaxing, but only one of those choices is productive.

If you would start investing your own time and own money into areas of gifting to make a difference for the kingdom of God, how would your life be different?

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