Managing Your Gift: Clear the Static

You have a gift; how do you use it? How do you manage it?

This should probably have been mentioned at the beginning of the series. It’s a theme that is briefly mentioned in my book, when Zepho must decide whether to listen to his friends. It’s the problem of static.

All of us deal with static. These are the things that keep us from truly hearing the call of God.

Some of us don’t know if we’re truly loved.

Some of us are afraid.

Some of us are overly concerned about finance.

Some of us worry about disappointing our parents, our friends, or even God.

Some of us think God is angry.

Some of us imagine what others might think of us.

Since of us think we’ve missed our chance.

Some of us don’t know if we’ve got it within us.

All that is static, and it’s going to keep you from hearing the voice of God. These are invitations either to make agreements with the enemy or to anchor yourself in your identity in Christ.

Now it’s your job.What is the static on your life that is keeping you from hearing the voice of God and walking in your gift to glorify Him?

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