Spenders or Investors: Finances

I don’t know if this will evolve into a series, but I know I want to focus on two specific aspects of “spenders or investors”. This is a concept that is starting to come alive within in me, so let me get started!

The basic difference between spenders and investors is this:

Spenders give everything they have right now. Investors pace themselves to turn something now into more later.

In a recent one-year plan, I wrote a goal to change my thinking about finances to an investment mindset. Although I didn’t know what all this meant, I knew that my current perspective on money wasn’t working. Slowly, my mindset has been changing. After several months of fitful attempts, I’m finally getting myself on a budget, and I’m starting a cash-basis spending. This financial constraint has made me much more conscious of how I spend my money, but it’s done more than that.

Through this, I’ve been moving from a “survival” mentality to a “multiplication” mentality. Rather than assuming that I don’t have enough money, I assume that I do have enough, and I look for creative ways to grow what I have. Obviously, this is bringing dramatic changes my personal finances, but that’s not the focus of my attention.

Most importantly, this is changing my giving. I have had the assumption that I need to meet every need. This is another aspect of the “spender” mentality–that everything opportunity that arises needs to be a “yes”. An investor knows the limits of his resources and chooses his opportunities to maximize the impact.

Because of this “spender” mentality”, I have at times given until it hurt. (Believe me, it’s good to hurt sometimes!) However, I doubt this is as spiritual as it sounds. My problem was not that I was giving too much. My problem was that I was giving too little. What if I strategized to become as generous as possible with the resources God has given me? I realized that instead of giving $50 today, I might choose to give only $5 today, enabling me to give $500 in the future.

However, how will that happen? Currently, my income comes from three sources:

  • My salary
  • Gifts
  • Income-generating ventures

My salary has a ceiling, and gifts are an infrequent. This means the only area that allows for growth is income-generating ventures. As I’ve mentioned before, our personal income is our greatest financial asset, and I can use my salary to bootstrap my ventures.

My conclusion, then, is that the best way for me to be faithful with my income is to take what I have been given, grow it, and enable myself to give more over a longer period of time. Because of this, my immediate giving will decrease, and my generosity may be questioned because of that. However, I hope that I only become more generous, never less.

God desires to glorify Himself through His people. How can He receive the most glory through our finances?

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