Thousand White Crosses

I see a field, covered with a thousand white crosses. These are the only memories that remain of a thousand aborted children.

These are the children who could have been.

These are children who would have lived in wonder in a wide-open world. These are the ones who would have explored the undiscovered spaces, drawing maps where no man had ever gone. These are the ones who would have shined a light into the dark places, rescuing scared and tired victims from behind enemy lines. These are the heroes who would have grown up to change the world.

These were the lives never were.

These crosses are testaments of lives conceived at the wrong time. These are the children who would have ruined a career. These are the ones who would have brought disgrace and shame to a prideful parent. These are the lives who could have been but never were wanted.

However, these crosses are not for the lives of the children killed in clinics. These are the crosses for the living dead, those killed by the cares of this world and by the expectations of mankind. They are for those who against all odds, dared to dream and dared to bare their soul to a vision they knew only God could fulfill, but who suffered the fatal blow of a cold, heartless world.

We cannot afford to lose these lives. We are witnesses of the resurrection power of Jesus Christ that brings life where death once prevailed, and by the grace of God, we will see a new field–a field of a thousand uprooted crosses!

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