Where the Natural and the Supernatural Meet

Those of you who have been following my blog have noticed a certain shift in my focus. My posts have revolved around self-awareness and self-management–ideas like evaluations, financial budgets, time budgets, etc. We often associate these ideas with the “natural”. These are things we read in secular books and learn in secular classes. I myself used to find these systems empty and lifeless, even stifling. What has changed?

I’ve come to know God not only as a God of revelation but also of wisdom and understanding. Our God empowers us to understand the way the world works, and He follows up by giving us the grace (divine empowerment) to live it out. Those who are of the world are limited by their natural understanding because they don’t have the spirit of wisdom living within them.

I used fear that I would limit by God by living wisely. In no way do I want to constrain God with budgets. Rather, I want God to multiply my time and money. And when He does that, I want to be faithful with His gifts! That’s why I care so much about these practical things about living life. It’s all about making the most with what I’ve been given. It’s a matter of stewardship and being faithful with the things God entrusts to me.

In the end, I don’t think there should be a divide between the natural and the supernatural, because all of our lives should be wrapped up in the truth that we are the temple of the Holy Spirit and everything we do is for His glory.

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  1. Yes! Why we persist in trying to divide our lives into spiritual and secular continues to be an interesting and tragic phenomenon. Perhaps one important aspect of freedom in Christ is the realization and reality that His truth affects my total person….

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