Idea Bank: “Eat to Feed” Restaurant

For every meal you eat at our restaurant, we’ll feed one hungry person. TOMS Shoes does this with shoes, so why don’t we do it with food? Everyone needs to eat. Why not allow the less fortunate to benefit when you eat out? Why not feed the hungry when you yourself are hungry? You get a full meal; why shouldn’t they?

Homeless shelters don’t generate income, and I know that our local shelter would benefit from this kind of support. Rather than investing into Africa, why not invest into our very own neighborhood and community? Wouldn’t it seem responsible to solve the problems around us before solving the global problems?

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  1. This runs along the same lines of something I’ve been thinking about. While eating out can build stronger relationships, and going to Christian concerts can be encouraging and spiritually uplifting, I think it’s easy to spend “too much” money on this type of personal things. I’ve wondered what would happen if I would commit to giving the same amount to missions as I spend in these two areas. Would it help me give more, or would it help me see how much I actually spend on myself? Hopefully, it could do both, with less going for myself, and more being given to others. 15 people might be willing to pay $25 each to go to a concert. Would that same group of people be willing to give $375 to a mission?

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