July, 2011

Jul 11

Strength Is Ease

I’m coming to grips that even though Christianity is a journey of growth, it’s supposed to be easier than I sometimes make it. I was struck this afternoon by a simple thought:

Strength is not a measure of effort exerted; it is a measure of ease. Strength is the ability to do big things as if they were trivial.

Let me give you some examples. If you are strong with relationships, you make it look easy to relate with people. If you are strong with music, you can play complex music with apparent ease. The list continues.

In our walk with God, we should be getting stronger and should be doing certain things with greater ease. This is what our means to live by the spirit so that we use Christ’s power in us. It’s part of abiding in the vine.

I’m coming to realize that sometimes the people who exert the most effort in their spiritual walk are really those who are the weakest. Sometimes they’re also the ones who will be quickest to grow.

If you follow this road, you may actually question your productivity because it feels like you have done nothing. It need not be true. It may be your strength shining through.