Underpinnings: Rest

This is one of my underpinnings, which are the basic assumptions that drive my life but that pass undetected to the naked eye.

One of my friends recently asked me, “When do you rest?” Contrary to popular belief, I actually do sleep at night, just like the rest of the world! He was wondering how I could be so active and busy and still be thriving.

My life revolves around a simple assumption that rest is a lifestyle. It isn’t really about how much you do, but that it’s mostly about what you do.

I make a distinct effort to move myself closer and closer into the things that give me life and make me feel strong, because I believe these are the things I am the best at, and I believe this is the way that I can best glorify God.

It means applying the investor mentality to my energies. I try to invest my energies in a way that, when I’m done, I have more energy to invest somewhere else.

I am surprised how many people live at burnout’s brink because they base their decisions on obligation. They will do anything asked of them because someone “needs help” or something “needs to be done.” I have lived in that place long enough, and it’s something I continually fight and guard against. While I don’t doubt that these things need to be done, I do question who should be doing them. We are most productive when we thrive, and our decision to help one person might be a decision to rob ten others.

I am not encouraging laziness. I am only challenging you to take care of yourself. You might need more relaxation, but just as likely, you need activities that play into more of your strengths.

What are the things that give you life? What are the things that rob you of life? How can you enter into a lifestyle of rest?


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