A Bigger Definition of YOU: Introduction

Leadership means getting a bigger definition of you. For leaders, the definition of YOU must move from an individual to an organization.

A mature person is someone who is able to care for himself. A mature leader is someone who is able to care for a group of people, such as an organization or a church.

This means we now have much bigger, much more complicated answers for questions like:

  • Who are YOU?
  • How are YOU doing?
  • What are YOU doing?
  • Why are YOU here?
  • Are YOU healthy and fulfilled?

Unless a leader grows the definition of YOU beyond himself to include the people he leads, he will always lead them with selfish and probably harmful agendas. A caring leader is one who has adopted a broad definition of YOU.

Whether you consider yourself to be a leader, how does your definition of YOU need to grow?


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  1. That’s profound. It reminds me of something I learned earlier this year. The Lord showed me that a great leader follows the two greatest commandments. When a leader loves God with his whole heart, he’ll take his people in the right direction. When he loves his people as himself, he will seek their good instead of his own.

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