A Bigger Definition of YOU: Living Organisms

Leadership means getting a bigger definition of you. For leaders, the definition of YOU must move from an individual to an organization.

An organization is not merely an entity. It is a living, breathing organism. Just like YOU, only bigger.

Getting to know an organization is not like getting to know accounting. It’s beyond mere calculation and mere facts. Getting to know an organization is as complex as getting to know a person, in all of his or her idiosyncrasies.

While it’s true that you are mostly water with some bones, muscle, and skin, nobody wants to relate with you that way. Of course, your doctor might need to know these details about you when you break your leg, but all of your relationships go much deeper than that.

Similarly, while an organization is made of systems and positions, you can’t relate with it strictly on that level. You need to go deeper than that. An organization has its own mind. It has its own spirit. It has its own personality. It has phobias. It has attitudes. It has good days and bad days.

As a mature adult, you have learned to identify the ways your thinking is wrong. You have learned how to correct wrong attitudes. As a leader, however, you need to move your definition of YOU from yourself to the people around you.

The question, then, is how to apply these principles to an organization. Where its thinking is wrong, how do change the way it thinks? Where its fears prevail, how can you break past them? Where its attitude shows, how can you change it?

Is it abstract? Is it messy? Is it hard? Yes.

Welcome to leadership.


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