A Bigger Definition of YOU: Self-Awareness

Leadership means getting a bigger definition of you. For leaders, the definition of YOU must move from an individual to an organization.

Moving from a small definition of YOU to a big definition means moving from self-awareness to group-awareness.

The past several months, I have learned a lot about what motivate me, what I struggle with, and what I’m good at. That kind of self-awareness is part of becoming a mature person.

However, my greatest challenge in learning leadership has been broadening my self-awareness into group-awareness. What are the things motivate the people I work with? What controls the group’s choices and direction? How can I provoke positive change within this group?

Last week, someone very kindly reminded me that one of my weaknesses is that my self-awareness revolves around a small definition of YOU. I need to grow my definition of YOU beyond myself. I need to learn to make the shift from self-awareness to group-awareness.

Are you as group-aware as you are self-aware?


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