Cast Your Nets

Do you remember Jesus’ encounter with Peter after he had returned to his old occupation of fishing? Peter had tried to catch fish all night. Then Jesus showed up and told Him to throw his nets on the other side, and Peter was practically overwhelmed with his catch. Jesus then said, “You will become a fisher of men.”

I thought Jesus was trying to make a statement about a new call for Peter–not catching fish but people. However, all my life, I’ve associated “fishers of men” with Peter’s long, tiresome night with no catch. Jesus was making a second, powerful statement.

Peter’s new work would beĀ  done with Christ’s power with Christ’s abundant results.

Can you remember what happened immediately after Pentecost?

Where is Jesus telling you to cast your nets?


  1. When I was younger I asked God for a ministry. He gave me a vision of a boatload of fish, shimmering in the sunlight. How cool is that!

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