The New Visionaries

I see a new kind of visionaries arising. They are ones who are driven not by causes or needs but by people.

It is servant leadership, except we’ve lost the wonder of servant leadership. It is an upside-down pyramid, except we’ve lost the impact of that imagery. In fact, I dare say it goes farther than even those images.

That’s why I call them a new kind of visionaries.

Their question is not, “What people do I need for my organization or to fill my need?” Rather, it is, “What platform do I need to create for my people?”

They don’t need to recruit people because their people are already recruited.

They don’t need to motivate people because their people are already motivated.

What do they need?

They need a lot of creativity and wisdom because they are no longer scientists but gardeners. They need both resources and resourcefulness. They need access to new tools, and they need to be able to use the tools they already have.

According to the mighty power of God working within me, I am choosing today to become that kind of visionary!

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  1. I like this. It sounds so amazing, but really its simple. All I have to do is know who my people are, and love them. I don’t need a position to plan, think, and live in this strategic way.

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