Sola Scriptura: Introduction

This is a new series that I’m launching into. I don’t know how long it will go, but we’ll give it a shot, and hopefully it will get you thinking!

The past several years, but especially the past several months and weeks, I’ve been confronted by the Bible. I have read things in the Bible that I haven’t been taught in church, and I am recognizing things that I have been taught in church that aren’t specifically taught in the Bible.

I have met no Christian who says the Bible shouldn’t be the ultimate authority. In fact, I myself have often affirmed the authority of Scripture. Nonetheless, I am continually faced with choices. Am I really going to make the Bible the ultimate authority?

I have to confess that this is an uncomfortable question; it even makes me uncomfortable sometimes! I believe many people are scared of facing this question because they fear losing valuable teaching. Please understand–we must not neglect any Biblical teaching or practice that we already hold! We must hold fast to that which is good! However, we must continue letting the Word of God be our measuring stick, and we must measure all things by the Word of God.

Because of this, I have been forced to ask myself this question: Am I content with just the truth that I have embraced, or am I willing to press in to embrace the full gospel?

In this upcoming series, I would like to share with you some of these questions I’ve wrestled with. My prayer is simple–that we may align ourselves with God and that our lives would be characterized by a passion and desire for truth, and nothing but the truth!


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