Sola Scriptura: Master or Student?

This is a series that is focusing on the question, “Am I willing to take God fully at His Word, especially in what He has revealed in Scripture?”

Before I continue further on this series, I want to articulate some ways that God is changing my perspective of Scripture.

I have to confess that at times, I have picked up my Bible and felt overwhelmed because I wasn’t sure where to start. I feel like I know so little, and I want to know so much, and the difference between what I know and want to know sometimes discourages me.

I’ve tried to be a master of the Bible. My goal has been to become the expert, to know it inside and out. Ironically, my goal was so intimidating that it discouraged me from productively pursuing that goal!

God is changing my perspective from master to student. I am moving my focus from becoming the expert and understanding the full mysteries, to becoming a student of the Bible. My goal is to have a teachable attitude that allows Scripture to inform my life.

Becoming a master of Scripture is a Herculean task, but becoming a student is a role that I can assume today, tomorrow, and the next day. We align ourselves with Scripture by making small changes every day, and those changes add up to significant life change.

May every one of us approach the Word of God with humility and teachability, that we may walk in the fullness of what God has revealed!


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