Sola Scriptura: Things Unspoken

In my recent focus on the Word of God, I have been asking myself the question, “What are the parts of the gospel I not talking about?” When I think of deception, I often think about wrong things that are taught. However, deception comes just as easily through the things that are not taught.

This generation is waking up to the power of grace, and we are tempted to disregard holiness. We experience the same tension with living in the love of God and living in the fear of the Lord, or living with power and living with character. One without the other will take us places we don’t want to go. I believe these are healthy tensions every believer will carry.

It is easy to take our cues from the world around us, but may our focus remain fixed on Christ. He alone is our true standard, and in Him is the fullness of the godhead. We do not stay on course by watching the ditches but by watching the One who is the Way. May He have our full attention!


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