Living in Wonder

One of the things I continually fight for in life is wonder.

Sometimes it means drinking in the fall leaves and the sun’s rays on the beautiful mountains surrounding my town.

Sometimes it means opening the windows and turning up the music, even in the bitter cold.

Sometimes it means sitting by the front window of a coffee shop, drinking coffee, watching snow, and writing code.

But we also have enemies of wonder. Sometimes it seems it’s in our greatest blessings that we lose our greatest wonder.

I have the opportunity to serve a man of God, someone whom I can call my friend and someone who willingly gives of himself for the good of his team. Yet, the drudgery of today can blind me to the wonder of the opportunity I have.

This weekend I will have the opportunity to impact young, energetic men and women of God. I get to use my talents to teach, encourage, and inspire them. In so many ways, it’s a dream come true, but my own pressure of giving them my best can rob me of wonder.

I have the privilege of spending time with my girlfriend and building a relationship unlike any other I’ve had. Still, the unanswered questions of life and the cares of today can rob me of the joy of this season I’m in.

I keep learning, then forgetting, then remembering it again. Life is a journey.

Enjoy the journey. Take joy in the work of your hands, knowing that the work of today will yield the fruits of tomorrow. Throw yourself wholeheartedly in the arms of Him who cares for you, trusting Him to provide everything you need. Cast aside worry, which does not benefit you, and trust in the One who holds together all things.

If I had to write a proverb, I would say it like this:

For every destination you live for, there’s a journey you miss.

Don’t miss the journey!


  1. Good reminder! For me right now it’s the wonder of a newborn and seeing the first pita stand of the winter season. Missing you!

  2. For me it’s taking voice lessons and then missing the beauty of music when offered in love to God. Thank you sir!!!

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