What do you think of when you think about risk? None of us can see the future. Does that uncertainty strike fear in you?

I was recently telling my story to another young man, and he marveled at the risk I took to leave software development and embark on another journey. While he marveled at me, I marveled at him. You see, I don’t see myself as a risk-taker.

If I had moved from my starting point to my destination in a single leap, I might have called it risk! However, looking back, each step of the journey was so small and so measured that it hardly merits being called a risk.

When God calls us to a new task, many of us instinctively respond by calling it a risk. We become scared because the destination is so distant and seems so difficult. However, the same God who called you there is the God who will lead you there. As you follow Him step by step, He will show you the way and lead you there. The more that you journey with God and see His hand at work, the deeper your trust will be in Him to work out the details of the journey.

This is the story of the men and women of faith. God told Abraham, “I will lead you to a land that I will show you.” Abraham’s first step was leaving. After Abraham left, God led him, then finally God showed him.

What is it that God is calling you to that has you paralyzed in fear? What is the next step for you? Can you find the courage to lift up your foot and take the next step? (Or maybe you just need to get off your seat and stand up!)

Take the first step.

Then take the next one.

Keep going.

Then if He leads you to a roller-coaster, just strap in, hang on, and scream! 🙂

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  1. During the last few weeks I’ve been struggling with accepting a “new destination” in my personal life because it seemed way to far out of my comfort zone and just too “risky.” Well, I guess God knew I needed some encouragement! 🙂 In the past few days it seems that I can’t get away from articles, comments, blogs, etc. that speak of this very thing. You may have posted this on November 14th – but I needed this word for today! Thanks for sharing!

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