Output Is Input

Last week I was reminded of Jesus’ words, “My food is to do the will of Him who sent me.” I’ve mentioned this verse in previous posts, but I keep returning to it. I’ve been pondering a new aspect of it. Simply put:

  1. Food implies input.
  2. Doing God’s will implies output.
  3. In other words, output is input.

Did you know that lack of activity can be the cause of fatigue?

I’ve been finding myself in that place in my personal life, where I cannot stomach another sermon, another book, or even another truth. I have these ideas swelling within me, and they are begging to be set free. Until I set them free, they eat at my insides like intestinal worms, stealing my appetite and robbing the nutrition of those things I do eat.

Deep within you, you have a compulsion for certain things. If you’re sensitive to those desires, you’ll find ways to express them. But if not, you will suppress them. These are things that God has placed within you to share with the world, and you will not be satisfied or fulfilled until you share them. You may actually find yourself getting tired simply because you’re not using them.

In fact, I believe a doing churches are hungry churches. The ones who can take the God’s truths and live them out are the ones who desire more of God’s truth. The ones who empower people to use their gifts and walk in their call are the ones whose people are pounding the gates of heaven for more of God. Sadly, I believe the opposite is also true. I believe the ones who hear God’s Word but don’t respond are the very ones who become full satisfied. I believe many of the dissatisfied people in the church are those who feel like they are making no significant contribution.

Jesus did not say that His food is to do good works, although Jesus definitely went about doing good works. Jesus said that His food is doing the will of the One who sent Him.

What is it that God has called you to? Where have you deviated from that call? How can you find your way back onto that path?

Soli Deo gloria.

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  1. I’ve received revelations from the Holy Spirit during ministry times that I haven’t received otherwise. I get fed by giving. Other times I’ve obeyed Jesus commands without understanding–such as the command “give to him who asks of you”–and only after doing it understand the reason why He gave them. Commands like that are actually a revelation of who God is–and we don’t always “get it” until we do them.

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