Growing Up Too Fast: Introduction

Have you ever thought about what it means to grow up too fast?

Have you heard stories of young children who are forced into difficult physical labor before their bodies are developed? Although I am no medical expert, I am certain this can cause a lifetime of physical ailments, and I can easily imagine it resulting in damaged backs.

Have you heard stories of young children who are required to nurture and care for their (much younger) siblings? Because of situations beyond their own control, they’re given too much responsibility too soon. Sadly, it can leave a deep scar on their lives.

Though these responsibilities are legitimate parts of a human experience, they’re damaging when they come too soon in life. These children lose the benefit of a truly healthy, joy-filled childhood.

Here’s what it means for me.

I just realized last week that it’s possible even for grownups to grow up too fast. More surprising, I found not only that it was possible, but that I was doing that to myself.

Sometimes we force ourselves to grow up too fast in life. We want to move on to the next thing. We want our driver’s license. We want to get out of school. We want to start our first job. We want to fall in love, get married, raise a family, start a business someday, retire eventually, and enjoy our grandchildren. In our haste to reach the next step, we don’t fully develop ourselves to gain the strength that we need for the next step. Even worse, we miss the wonder and joy each “childhood” season of our lives.

You may find yourself stretching for the next “big thing”. Anticipate it, but always remember–your growth in this season will be the strength that will sustain you in your next. Don’t miss what this season of life offers for you, because it can never be regained!

Live where God has you, soak up the wonder of being a child, and look forward to where He will lead you!


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