February, 2012

Feb 12

The Living Gospel

What is the gospel? Is it an idea? Is it a doctrine? Is it a feeling? Is it a behavior?

No, the gospel is more than that. The gospel is a person. It is not merely about Christ. It is not merely for Christ. It is Christ.

If we preach good ideas, people may learn more about Christ. If we show kindness to them, they may learn more about how Christ would act. But unless we lead people into an encounter with the living person of Jesus Christ, it all falls short. An anointed teaching will lead people into an encounter with the living Christ. An anointed act of kindness will lead people into an actual encounter with the love of a living Christ.

How does this happen? This happens by the spirit of revelation that causes the reality of Christ to explode in our lives. The natural mind cannot understand spiritual realities; it takes the Holy Spirit to understand spiritual realities. (They are spiritual; therefore, they are related to the spirit and are spiritually discerned.) This is what Paul prayed for the Ephesian church–that they may receive the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of God.

My prayer for you is very simple–that the Father would give you a spirit of revelation, that you may receive the revelation of the person of Jesus Christ!

Soli Deo gloria.

Feb 12

The End of Silence

Those of you who have been following my blog know that I have written almost incessantly for a year. However, last October I all but quit writing.

I’m here to tell you that I’m back. However, I am not writing as the same man as before. I am writing as a man who has been dramatically changed, dramatically wrecked, and dramatically ravished by God. I am writing as a man who feels like he knows less of the Bible, who feels like he has less faith in God, and who feels like he has given so little for the sake of the kingdom.

When I wrote my Sola Scriptura series, I underestimated how radically this concept would shake my world. I’ve taken it upon myself to believe the Word of God and to let God stretch my faith in obedience to His Holy Spirit. God has opened my eyes to huge levels of unbelief and disobedience in my life. It is difficult for me to boast in my strengths when God has so clearly defied my strength and my wisdom.

No cost is too great to align ourselves with God’s Word. No opinion of man is so wise as to counter what God has written. No scoffing, no scorn, no concern, and no disagreement can diminish the supremacy of Christ and the glory of Christ. God has shown me the utter foolishness of man’s thinking–specifically my own–and because of that, He has had to turn my theology upside down. I can no longer live as I have lived in the past, nor can I speak as I have spoken in the past. I am under obligation by the God of the universe to preach only Christ, and to allow the reality of His kingdom to turn my world upside down. “God has, in these last days, spoken through His Son.” Anything apart from Christ is powerless, foolish, and quite simply, wrong. He is perfect theology, and He is wisdom fully alive.

We are called to be witnesses of that which we have seen and heard. I am witnesses not of the teachings of man but of the revelation of the person of Jesus Christ, and I will testify to that revelation. What I will write is a testimony of what I have seen and heard, and it is an invitation into the greater glory that is available for all those who believe.

Soli Deo gloria!