The Living Gospel

What is the gospel? Is it an idea? Is it a doctrine? Is it a feeling? Is it a behavior?

No, the gospel is more than that. The gospel is a person. It is not merely about Christ. It is not merely for Christ. It is Christ.

If we preach good ideas, people may learn more about Christ. If we show kindness to them, they may learn more about how Christ would act. But unless we lead people into an encounter with the living person of Jesus Christ, it all falls short. An anointed teaching will lead people into an encounter with the living Christ. An anointed act of kindness will lead people into an actual encounter with the love of a living Christ.

How does this happen? This happens by the spirit of revelation that causes the reality of Christ to explode in our lives. The natural mind cannot understand spiritual realities; it takes the Holy Spirit to understand spiritual realities. (They are spiritual; therefore, they are related to the spirit and are spiritually discerned.) This is what Paul prayed for the Ephesian church–that they may receive the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of God.

My prayer for you is very simple–that the Father would give you a spirit of revelation, that you may receive the revelation of the person of Jesus Christ!

Soli Deo gloria.

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  1. Great words!! Whenever Christ is present, life is there. Whenever He is absent, there is nothing but emptiness. O Christ, He is the fountain, The deep, sweet well of love!

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