Christ Is All

The past several months, my life has been getting more and more wrapped up in the person of Jesus Christ. It started when I made a commitment to believe what I read in Scripture, and not long after that I began to read things like this–that He lives in me [1], that I am in Him [2], that I have the mind of Christ [3], that my body is Christ’s [4], that my spirit is one with Christ’s [5], that I am dead [6], that I am alive to Him [7], that I am His righteousness [8], that I am seated with Him in heavenly places [9], and that I am no longer by nature a child of wrath but have a new nature [10].

I came to realize that my identification with Christ runs really, really deep. While I had no trouble believing it intellectually, it is taking me a long time to truly internalize it and embrace it. I’ve had to change the way that I think, sometimes in drastic ways.

I would like to make two bold propositions for you to consider and weigh:

First, we cannot truly understand the gospel until we can start imagining Jesus literally walking around in our flesh, because this is how deeply we are identified with Christ. If we can imagine Jesus doing it, maybe we should be doing it as well–not because we want to merely be like Jesus, but we want to live out Jesus. From what I read in Scripture, this means things like loving the unlovable, healing the sick, raising the dead, unraveling the enemy’s kingdom, setting captives free, glorifying and magnifying the Father, and preaching the gospel of the kingdom.

Second, this concept of the revelation of Jesus Christ is a very foundational concept in a believer’s life with profound implications, but in my many years of attending church services, I can count on one hand the number of sermons on this truth. I have heard many times that we cannot measure up to God’s standard, and this is true–or rather, this was true! This was the truth that drove me to the cross! However, we dare not stop there! A half truth can be the most dangerous weapon, and we dare not preach half the gospel! We cannot allow us as believers to think, act, and believe as if we were not saved, not redeemed, not identified with Christ, not sons and daughters, and not heirs! Thanks be to God! Because of Jesus’ death and resurrection, I have access to His riches not because of what I’ve done but because of what He’s said about who I am. If this is what God says about me, no feeling, no opinion, and no experience will counter it. He is truth, and I choose to pattern my life around what He says.

May Jesus Christ truly become the central figure in our life!

Soli Deo gloria.


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  1. For the first time in my life, this truth about Jesus is really becoming alive. Kevin, Nathan, and I had a long discussion yesterday (which included lots of marking on a white board) about what Jesus did. I can already tell that I will live totally differently.

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