Experiencing Truth

Here is another simple concept that has been reshaping the way that I live: “God wants our experience to match truth.”

I have two examples.

First, the truth is that God loves me. God wants me not only to know it in my mind, but He wants me to know it in my heart. Because He is a real God, He wants me to not only know in my mind that He loves me, but He wants me to experience His love.

Second, the truth is that God is always present. He does not merely want me to know that intellectually, but He wants His truth to define my experience. When God says, “I will never leave you nor forsake you,” His heart is for me to know His presence. When God says that I am His temple, His heart is for me to know His indwelling presence. He does not just want it to be in my mind, but He wants me to experience His presence.

I could give a hundred more examples, because this truth applies to every facet of God.

Am I now reducing Christianity to merely a pursuit of an “experience”? Absolutely not! Some of us have gotten scared because of people who seem almost drunk with a desire for some of kind of “experience”, and in their pursuit, they have lost sight of truth. Yes, we must learn from their failures, but we can’t let their failures keep us bound in fear! We must pursue God, and in our pursuit of Him, we must pursue His truth. And we must allow Him and His truth to dictate our experience. 

Whenever we separate truth and experience, we end up with an intellectual gospel that is merely about ideas and theology but is void of power to change lives. I have seen young people who, having grown up in the church, leave searching for more–sometimes desperately seeking God in hunger for more and sometimes completely disillusioned with what the church offered. These people are not looking for more ideas or better theology; they are looking for the living God.

How can we come to this place of experiencing God’s truth?

Jesus said we must come to Him as little children. It is as simple as coming to our Father like a little child, crawling up into His lap, looking up into His eyes, and telling Him, “I believe you.” It is not by our own effort; it is not something we earn. It is simply because He has spoken it, it is truth, and we believe what He says.

May we never lose the simplicity or reality of the gospel, and may our lives be transformed by His truth. May we know Him deeply, and may the reality of His love and His presence not just change our minds but change our lives and ultimately transform our experience of Him!

Soli Deo gloria!

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