He Is Real!

It’s Christmas. (I think it still is, at least!) It’s our reminder that Jesus was God coming to earth–as man. But there’s more! Jesus left so we could have something better–the Holy Spirit.

If that’s true, it means it doesn’t make much sense to wish for Jesus to live among us, because His Spirit is living within us. And He thinks that’s better! The more I see what He sees, the more I agree!

Whenever God opens my eyes to more of His spiritual realities, I am astonished at my blindness and unbelief. In His Presence, so much of His truth makes so much sense and is so tangible! My surprise, oddly, is rarely, “I didn’t know that,” but, “I never experienced it like that!”

I see many, many people coming alive to a dynamic, intimate relationship with Him whom we call the Holy Spirit! He is so amazing! Yay for the Father, yay for the Son, and yay for the Holy Spirit! 🙂

God is pretty incredible!

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