March, 2013

Mar 13

Who Are You?

Who are you?

You were born to be you. If you had been born to be anyone else, you would be that person. But you’re not, so just be yourself.

You were born to be fulfilled doing what God made you do to. If you’re not fulfilled, maybe it’s because you’re not being you. If you find it difficult to be yourself, maybe it’s because you never had anyone show you that who you are truly is amazing.

Heaven will be full of people being themselves, in complete harmony with God’s design. That’s why when you find an environment like that on earth, it feels a bit like heaven. When we don’t allow others to be themselves, we invite a little bit of hell into this life. Hell doesn’t want you to be you, especially not if you’re a believer.

Being yourself means redefining success. You’re not competing with anyone else. You’re competing with yourself. You’re meant to be the best “you” that you can be.

Some people think you’re arrogant for being yourself. If you say, “When I’m faced with a crisis that needs quick thinking and immediate attention, that’s when I shine,” naysayers will tell you, “Braggart!” Meanwhile, they expect you to fulfill God’s call on your life while you’re downplaying whatever God has given you to fulfill that call. They don’t know your heart, but you do. Don’t be proud; but please, be yourself.

Some people get scared when you are yourself, especially if they don’t know who they themselves are. It makes them feel insecure. In fact, maybe you’re scared right now. “What if I don’t know who I really am?” That’s okay. Right now, you’re might be scared, but that will change. I know a Father who longs to give you a revelation of who you were made to be. Give into His love, and He’ll show it to you.

Some people say that those who are themselves are a bunch of jerks. But that’s not true, especially for believers. God didn’t create you to be a jerk, and if you’re a believer, you have Christ’s nature. This means that when you’re being most like yourself, you’re being most like Christ. Christ isn’t a jerk, and Christ wants to be Himself through you. So be yourself.

Not everyone likes when others are themselves. But God likes it. Besides, the world needs you to be yourself. If God had wanted you to be something else on this earth, He would have made you someone else. But you’re not. That’s why you’re “you”.

In case you’ve never heard it before, let me tell you straight up:

I like you for you.

I like who God made you to be.

I like you the most when you’re being yourself.

I like you in spite of all the things you don’t like about yourself.

God made you in His image. In other words, “You’re amazing!”

So be yourself. 🙂