Powerdigm: You Matter!

(This is an ongoing series on “powerful paradigms” that hold the potential to transform your life.)

“You matter.”

It’s not a phrase my wife or I will forget anytime soon. This summer God gave my wife the idea of making white wristbands with the words “YOU MATTER” written boldly in red. When the carnival came to town, we went out one evening to hand them out to the people we met. We reminded them that they really do matter. Unfortunately, my plans were not big enough, and our 200 wristbands were gone in half an hour! But we were both amazed by the responses of complete strangers–some surprised to receive a gift, and others astonished to be so affirmed.

While it was an incredible experience, I didn’t see the power of this message through the strangers that we met. I saw it through the transformation in my wife as she embraced this truth.

She matters.

It’s not because she’s earned a special spot with God.

It’s not because she’s able to outperform everyone else.

It’s not because she’s managed to always feel significant.

It’s simply because two thousand years ago, before she was even born, God looked at her and said, “I’ll buy that.” And when the world asked, “At what price?” He answered with the greatest possible gift–the life of His only Son. And He did not just give His life to die on the cross; He gave His life to take up residence in her!

You see, the truth that “she matters” isn’t because she loved God or believed Him. It’s simply because the Father saw her created value. He saw everything that she can be in Him, and in His estimation, she was more than worth it!

She matters, and she believes it. And because she believes it, she is free to bring her requests to the Father. Because she believes it, she has something to offer the world. Because she believes it, she is free to believe in others–because she can see something in them that they cannot always see in themselves.

So let me turn it back to you.

“You matter!”

Stop the excuses and simply believe it–if for no other reason but that God has spoken it loudly through the cross. Until you believe it, you will not be able to engage the world that you live in. You will not have faith to ask what you will from your Father in heaven. You will not have courage to chase after the dreams God has called you to fulfill. You will not be able empower others to be everything they can be.

Don’t just think it. Don’t just feel it. Live it and believe it!


For the King!


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  1. Beautiful and true!

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