October, 2013

Oct 13

Seek First the Kingdom?

What do you think of when you think of “seeking first the kingdom”?

I used to think of people like George Mueller, who went broke caring for orphans to prove that God will take care of him anyway. I used to think of Lydia Prince, who traveled to Jerusalem without any idea of where she was going or how she would be supported financially. I used to think of Rees Howells, who took a financial risk and watched God provide. I used to think of a hundred and one people today who are in what we call “full time ministry.”¬†All of these people were (and still are) heroes of mine.

But something was really wrong with my perspective of the kingdom of God. I used to have a dissonance between work, money, and the kingdom. While I never believed God wanted me to be poor, I devalued my work. I couldn’t see God moving in it.

But God’s been working in my heart and changing my perspective. I believe God is looking for people who rely on the Holy Spirit to go into the marketplace, influence leaders, generate wealth, and advance the kingdom of God. As I’ve embraced my job as a software developer and mentor, realizing that God loves having me here, I’ve found that I actually love being here! I’ve found a much deeper passion and fulfillment in what I do.

I used to think that to seek first the kingdom of God, I had to find another job. However, I realized that to seek first the kingdom of God, I needed another perspective on the kingdom. I’ve realized that God actually¬†delights in the fact that I love to write language parsers–that He willingly gives wisdom for the challenging technical problems I face.

Here’s what you gotta know–that before you were even born, God put things into your DNA that He wanted to empower by His Spirit to make disciples of all names. Jesus died so that the design of God on your life would not go to waste. You can choose to get up and put it to use for His kingdom, or you can lay it aside to pursue the call of God for someone else’s life.

You are the only you. God has created no one like, nor will he. He put you on the earth for this time.

Rise up. Embrace your call. Be the person God created you to be!

Love life! Love God!

For the King!