Fearless, bold, courageous! I want that to be me! I want to live fearlessly–unafraid of myself, unafraid of failure, and unafraid of others! But I don’t always feel courageous–sometimes I feel more like Gideon than David. Do you ever feel like that?

The feeling of fear is a voice. It’s a devilish invitation to enslave yourself to an unholy imagination. But it’s only a voice, and you get to choose how you respond.

If you want to empower the voice, listen to it. If you want to magnify it, wrestle with it. But if you want to shut it up, ignore it. You’re bigger than fear, because you’re in Christ.

“Perfect love casts out fear”–which means sometimes fear has to be cast out.

If you wait for the feeling to leave, you’ve already made yourself a slave to fear. Nothing can change the reality of who you are in Christ–it’s only a matter of whether you will believe it and live it. Sometimes it means ignoring the voices so you can act like the son or daughter you are.

“Perfect love casts out fear.”

If you will take your eyes off fear for only a moment, you can turn your heart to something much greater–your Father’s extravagant love. If you can turn your head and look deep into your Father’s eyes, He will burn His passionate love onto your heart–a love for you that is greater than any circumstance that comes your way!

Do you get it? He loves you!

Live in love!


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