What’s Stopping You?

What will it take to stop you from fulfilling the things God’s put on your heart?

Not sure? You can easily find the things that COULD stop you. Just take a step forward!

Do something bold, different, courageous. Someone will notice!

“We’ve never done it that way.”

“You make me uncomfortable.”

“It will never work.”

It can be hard to take negative feedback, but it can be harder still to know what to do with it. Here’s what I’m learning.

Some criticism comes from people who are in the game, pushing their way down the field to score a point. They’re on your team. They want to help you succeed, and they’re willing to do what they can to help you win. They’ll tell you truth that hurts, but they’ll help you heal, too.

Other criticism comes from those who are comfortably sitting on the bleachers, preferring to coach the players from the stands but refusing to take responsibility for the outcome. They will only feel comfortable when you finally get off the field and sit on the bleachers with them.

Who will you listen to?

Love everyone, remain humble, but take great care how you live!

We have but one chance at this life. Stay in the game and play for the prize. Don’t let anyone distract you or rob you from your reward!

And ask yourself this question, “Who am I listening to?”



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