Idea Bank

Jul 11

Idea Bank: “Eat to Feed” Restaurant

For every meal you eat at our restaurant, we’ll feed one hungry person. TOMS Shoes does this with shoes, so why don’t we do it with food? Everyone needs to eat. Why not allow the less fortunate to benefit when you eat out? Why not feed the hungry when you yourself are hungry? You get a full meal; why shouldn’t they?

Homeless shelters don’t generate income, and I know that our local shelter would benefit from this kind of support. Rather than investing into Africa, why not invest into our very own neighborhood and community? Wouldn’t it seem responsible to solve the problems around us before solving the global problems?

Jul 11

Idea Bank: Introduction

Those who know me well understand that I have an intense love for new ideas. In fact, one my friends (quite generously) dubbed me the “idea machine”. I don’t know why, but I often get hit by new concepts, truths, and ideas, often at unexpected times–when I’m engaged in conversation, when I’m driving down the road, when I’m solving an unrelated problem at work, and sometimes even when I’m lost in slumber. (This blog is primarily driven by those fleeting thoughts, and I simply capture them and put them in words.)

I have a whole category of ideas I have not yet shared on my blog. Sometimes I get hit by a thought for a new business, organization, or other venture. These ideas require the help of certain people who have special abilities that I don’t have. For the past several years, I have kept these ideas in a special section in my journal. More recently, I’ve moved them into booklet that I entitled the “Idea Bank.” Today I’m ready for the next step. I am putting some of these ideas out into broad daylight for the world to see.

The question that naturally arises is this, “What keeps people from stealing your idea, especially if it’s profitable?” Well, steal it! It is a great honor to have someone steal my ideas.

A certain blogger, whom I cannot recall by name, regularly shares business ideas with his readers. His reason? Ideas are easy, but execution is hard. If someone else can execute his ideas, either it was a very bad idea, or they deserve the credit. Ideas that can be stolen by reading a paper can also be stolen by watching an operation.

In the future, you can expect to see these ideas appear. Some of them will be from my booklet, but many of them will be new. They will be flagged with the term “Idea Bank”.

Who knows, one of them may fit you perfectly! If so, steal away!